Women’s Health & Wellness Morning

Sunday October 20th, 2019. 10-30 – 2pm.  SCCUL Sanctuary. Clarinbridge. Galway.

You Will Enjoy:

A Specially Designed Morning of Mindfulness Practices |Deeply Relaxing Breath-Work | Light Autumn-Inspired Vegetarian Lunch | Essential Oils to Melt Away Stress & Restore Balance.

Bliss Bites Vegan Botanical Cake

And, you will be introduced to a NEW deeply relaxing moving meditation slow yoga sequence.

This retreat experience is an opportunity to slow-down, spend quality time in a nurturing, tranquil space, and discover practical ways to improve health & vitality.

Yoga Retreats in Ireland: Our beautiful venue.

Yoga Retreats in Ireland: Our beautiful venue.

Yoga Retreats in Ireland. Our Beautiful Venue.

Yoga Retreats in Ireland. Our Beautiful Venue.


Anna’s student, Stephanie, enjoying a gentle yoga session.

Hormone Balance

Did you know that stress is one of the most significant contributing factors to exacerbating hormone imbalance, digestive complaints, sleep disturbance & fatigue?

Autumn Inspired Lunch with Herbal Tea & Vegan Treat.

Weight Loss

Did you know that leading research now states that one of the most important aspects of maintaining optimum weight is a regular relaxation practice?

Anna’s Student, Stephanie, during a retreat experience.

Finding Peace Within

Did you know that a regular mindful yoga practice can help you break through patterns of self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy & lack of self-worth?

Stephanie Enjoying AKYOGA’s Yoga Retreat.

Stephanie Enjoying AKYOGA’s Yoga Retreat.

Who is this escape for?

Do you know that you need to reduce stress, but you don’t really know where to start!

Or, maybe you have implemented a comprehensive diet or exercise routine into your life, but you feel frustrated with the results and you know intuitively that there is some kind of missing key element to your well-being routine.

You may be curious about the transformative power of slow, mindful yoga & breath-work?

Or, maybe you just need a little bit of restorative ‘me’ time!

While exercise & diet are the essential building blocks to good health, dealing with the mental and emotional stresses in your life is also central to any sustainable health care routine.

This is what this morning is all about!

Surrounded by acres of unspoilt woodland, this morning yoga retreat provides you with an opportunity to explore your personal journey toward well-being through a deeply relaxing, creatively designed morning in a gorgeous centre styled by talented interior designer, Noirin Ni Chonaola.

This is the perfect location for you to take time 'out' from life's chaos! 

Life’s Little Essentials. Yoga Retreats in Ireland, with AKYOGA.

Life’s Little Essentials. Yoga Retreats in Ireland, with AKYOGA.

What you will experience when you join us:

Talk on Nutrition, by Tara Canning on one of our yoga retreats in Ireland.

Talk on Nutrition, by Tara Canning on one of our yoga retreats in Ireland.

  • A specially designed morning of mindfulness practices, breath-work, creative visualisations; as well as both stimulating & relaxing essential oils to melt away stress & restore balance. You will be introduced to a deeply relaxing moving meditation slow yoga sequence. Suitable for complete beginners, and people with some experience.

  • Handouts & a guided meditation home practice audio.

  • A short discussion to help you to understand some of the questions around stress that are not normally discussed, as well as plenty of inspiration to help you commit to your new self-care practice (simple and easy to understand examples).

  • Space to reflect upon how to integrate these powerful practices into daily life.

  • Supportive essential oils will be used throughout the morning.

  • Light autumn inspired, vegetarian, vitality enhancing meal.

  • Herbal tea tasting.

  • Vegan Bliss-Bites Cheesecake treat.  Healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

As well as being an opportunity to get to know like-minded people in a 5* location, we are offering you an opportunity to taste some stunning life-enhancing foods.

I am a great believer that the best food experiences engage all of our senses and stimulate the imagination.

 This menu has been designed around my mindful eating blog (see link) and will complement a session during the day on how mindfulness can support you on your journey toward achieving optimum weight.

I am passionate also about how food is presented and love to experiment with colours, fragrances & textures that stimulate the senses when styling our table for all of our yoga retreats in Ireland.  You can look forward to nature inspired themes, and decorations to generate meaningful conversation.

Our menu is a surprise! It will be lovingly prepared by one of Galway’s most talented Master Chefs (you will not be disappointed - and I am honoured to have him!!). His philosophy: “let the food speak for itself!”

PRICE: €65

Click on the link below. Very limited places, so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Due to limited places booking fee is not refundable. FULLY BOOKED - However, sometimes life gets in the way and occasionally people drop out a last minute, so please contact me directly if you wish to go on a waiting list. Thank you. xx

Autumn is Calling!

This retreat experience is inspired by Kristine Kaoverii Weber’s research on yoga & neuroscience, as well as my own experience of moving through some incredibly stressful life events with the support of yoga & mindful meditation. It is a unique opportunity to get to the heart of life-style related health care challenges, by addressing how STRESS disrupts your body’s natural ability to restore, rebalance & revitalise.

It is an opportunity to stop the clock, put aside the chaos and step into a beautifully prepared nurturing space.

Autumn is a really special time of year for reflecting upon our attachments, letting go of that which no longer serves us and for spending time preparing our lives for the cold, wet winter months ahead. A tree does not hang onto it’s leaves forever; it releases them into the breeze of change. This is why I am so excited to bring you this new series at this time of the year!

Autumn is the transition season. It leads us from warm summer days to the cold, dark evenings. It is the perfect time of year to address some of the issues in your life that are holding you back, and to implement a life-enhancing daily self-care routine that will support you through the winter months.

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