Stress Management

Get to the heart of your SELF-CARE needs! 

Set in the stunning location of Clarinbridge Woods (SCCUL Sanctuary), we offers private mindfulness or yoga programmes for stress.

Who are these programmes for?

Do you need to:

  • Take time 'out' from juggling responsibilities.

  • Regain energy.

  • De-stress.

  • Improve physical & mental well-being? 

  • Or, do you simply need some space to make an important life decision and (re)discover a sense of purpose?

These sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to really delve into the benefits of yoga & mindfulness in a very personal way.

Take some time out to unwind & address your stress levels. Private & group stress management programmes.

Take some time out to unwind & address your stress levels. Private & group stress management programmes.

NEW City location: Centre for Wild Atlantic Wellness. PHOTOS coming soon.

We provide either private 1-on-1 or group sessions. All packages are bespoke and designed to suit your needs. Whether you are travelling from Dublin, or living in the locality, you will benefit from this unique escape away from the chaos. Keep reading below for lots more information.

Stress touches all corners of an individual's life including work and relationships, with long-term alarming health consequences if left unaddressed.  

Why is stress so bad for us? 

Normal stress is a state during which physiological changes occur in order to enable the body to perform its functions for survival in the world.  Over short periods of time stress reactions can be productive; for instance, the bodily changes that take place before a competition or exam can release the necessary chemicals and hormones to propel us into motion and focus our minds.  

If, however, this adrenaline rush is sustained over long periods, then the body is under a constant state of alarm, which will eventually cause a depletion of vital energy, and a person’s health will begin to deteriorate.

Many people have become so accustomed to high levels of stress that they are in a perpetual reactive state, poised to deal with life’s challenges; in other words, constantly ‘stressed out’! Over time the body is put under extreme pressure and consequently signs of physical and emotional in-balance become apparent.  Research is now suggesting that prolonged stress has a considerable impact upon the development of many illnesses. 

Prolonged stress can contribute to the development of a myriad of health problems including:

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Compromised Immune System

  • Hormonal Disruption

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Lack of Concentration & Performance.

  • Lack of Energy

  • Confusion

STRESS Management:

Fortunately, many imbalances can be addressed with lifestyle changes that include optimum nutrition, yoga and mindful meditation. 

Relax at our retreat centre and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

While exercise & diet are the essential building blocks to good health, dealing with the mental and emotional stresses in your life is central to any sustainable health care routine.

Six Week Mindfulness Pathway to Stress Management: The Body-Mind-Movement for Life Series.

1/  Identify triggers for stress, for instance diet, work overload, anxiety, lack of self esteem, personal power issues.  We will teach you:

  • The difference between healthy versus debilitating stress.

  • To interpret bodily reactions to difficult situations & intervene to bring back balance & harmony.

  • Turn stress to your advantage (stress for success).

2/ Integrating the mind into the healing process is fundamental!  

We provide you with a set of tools proven to help beat stress, including a series of relaxation exercises, healing visualisations, and a series of easily integrated yoga or mindfulness practices.  Home care package provided.

3/ Feeling connected to ourselves & our loved ones is one of the master keys to achieving optimum health.  

Love and intimacy should bring us joy & happiness.  Unfortunately, stress can destroy relationships, so it is important to begin the journey of healing our relationships with family, friends, colleagues & community. 

4/ Drivers for change. We inspire you to explore tools for navigating adversity:

We explain the stress cycle & how you can easily intercept it before negative physiological symptoms build up and become detrimental to your health.

5/ Self awareness. 

Cutting edge research is currently studying how thoughts & emotions turn genes on and off, thus predisposing or exacerbating underlying health issues.  

Self awareness (nurtured through mindfulness) empowers you to understand your own emotional profile, enabling you to make life-enhancing decisions that will have long-term health promoting benefits.

The main source of our suffering stems from obsessive thinking / ruminating and the belief that we are the content of our thoughts. 

Mindfulness helps us to be present & release negative thinking.  

It enables us to pause and observe the mind, rather than becoming caught up in the incessant stories that rattle around our head.  This can have a significant impact upon our lives.  It can empower us to move forward & make clearer, more life-enhancing decisions, and eventually break the repetitive mind-body stress cycle. 

Put a little bit of magic back into your life! 

All of the above processes help develop emotional resilience, a quality that Professor Ian Thompson has identified as a key characteristic in people who excel under stressful situations, while others buckle. In other words, turning stress into success (See: The Stress Test, Thompson, 2015).


I work with a range of nutritional therapists and master herbalists.  It is possible to discuss with us the option of a nutrition programme designed around  your particular needs, thus providing you with a fully integrated & sustainable approach to your wellbeing. 


  • AKYOGA'S Six Week Mindfulness Stress Reduction Programme Designed Around Your Needs (1hr. per session).

  • Themed Group Workshops & Retreats.

  • Personal Confidential Service.

  • On-Going Support.

  • An integrated Home-Care Package.

Nutritional Consultations are an additional cost & charged per session. 

Please contact us today today to discuss your needs:

Dawn Chorus Meditation: A Breath-Taking Journey to Well-Being

Take a few moments to breath into your belly, close your eyes (or watch the video) and let nature soothe your senses.  One of the most powerful healing tools we have at our disposal is our ability to connect with nature's healing energy and vitality.

According to scientific research compiled by Florence William, within five minutes of being in nature your body and brain start to change. She describes how the smell of pine trees can strengthen your immune system... And, birdsong increases alpha brain waves, thus stimulating feelings of calmness & improving mood.

5 Easy, Practical Ways to Alleviate Stress in Everyday Life:

1/ Fuel your morning with a healthy breakfast to balance blood sugars and to set the tone for the rest of the day.

2/ Be sure to include various proteins, good fats and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your micronutrient needs in check.

3/ Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of fresh clean (filtered) water throughout the day.

4/ Exercise for 20-30 mins per day.

5/ Daily mindfulness meditation. 

Dr. Anna King (PhD, MA, BA & Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher) With a lifetime interest in complementary health-care, Anna has developed the Body-Mind-Movement for Life Series, that is suitable for complete beginners or people with experience.  This inspiring personal development approach to yoga uses movement & the practice of mindfulness to revitalise health & enable people to reach their full potential.  "I am passionate about creating space in my daily life for personal transformation, taking time in nature, living a mindful life that is guided by the values of compassion & generosity of heart.  I would love you to join me on this exciting journey".

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