Transformational Retreats in Ireland

WILD Atlantic Wellness

We invite you to take 'A Breath-Taking Journey to Well-Being' on the shores of Galway Bay, for a completely unique nature-based retreat experience.

Retreats in Ireland

Currently, these packages are tailor-made for private groups. Options include:

  • 1 - 2hr Option.

  • 1/4 Day or 1/2 Day Experiences.

  • One Night Accomodation with Full Board Option.

  • Two Night Accomodation with Full Board Option.

    Locations: Different Locations Available: Galway Bay, Connemara, The Burren.

Meeting the challenges of our modern world can be tough on our sense of well-being, as the pressure of juggling volatile business environments, families and relationships can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed & in need of a complete mental detox.

Taking 'time out' to calm the chaos is essential.

We offer a range of bespoke, tailor made immersive nature-based mindfulness retreats, designed to put a 'little bit of magic' back into your life.

Discover a renewed sense of well-being, while enjoying a journey of a lifetime along some of Ireland’s most stunning, culturally rich wild coastlines.

Retreats in Ireland: Boat Tours, Yoga, Mindfulness

Retreats in Ireland: Boat Tours, Yoga, Mindfulness

WILD Atlantic Wellness packages include:

Be guided through a series of ancient & modern mindfulness practices that can stimulate life-changing moments of reflection.

  • Discover the benefits of simple, nature-based living.

  • Mindfulness boat trips.

  • Become immersed in the culturally rich landscapes of our Wild Atlantic heritage, and experience the mystery that shrouds much of Ireland’s rugged, but sublime coastlines.

  • Stay in completely off-the beaten track accommodation (current locations are Co. Galway & Co.Clare) and have the opportunity to engage in local ‘slow living’ pursuits (food preparation & cooking, sustainable farming, crafts, art, sailing, boat-trips, fishing & more).

  • Enjoy healthy, highly nutritious cuisine inspired by our local landscapes, with produce sourced from local producers and sustainable farmers.

Transformational Travel Ireland

Escape, Unwind & Re-Connect To What is Important In Life.

Irish Retreats

Irish Retreats

We provide a new paradigm for everyday life & travel; one that draws upon ancient contemplative traditions to highlight the value of mindful living in today’s modern world.

Build compassionate relationships & improve our health & well-being through locally inspired nature-based living.

The Practice of Mindfulness for Personal Transformation. 

Discover the importance of creating space in our lives for change to emerge, as well as how to use mindfulness as a tool for personal transformation. 

  1. Learn how to connect regularly to what is important in life.

  2. Experience a series of mindful movement & meditation practices, specifically designed to reduce stress & restore vitality.

  3. Mindful walks. Reconnect with your senses, 'still the mind' & discover the power of calm & focus to improve emotional stability, strength & resilience. 

  4. Learn how to create & manage change through mindfulness.

  5. Reduce exposure to the negative aspects of constant digital connectivity: mental detox; time in nature.

  6. Nutrition for vitality & energy.

Relaxation Exercises.  'Learn to let go', and move through change.   Create space in your life to re-rejuvenate mind & body. 

Time for Reflection in Beautiful Locations.  (Re)connect to what is important in life with a retreat in Ireland. 

At the core of this ‘journey toward self awareness’ is a bespoke approach, one that seeks to reclaim a sense of well-being by being immersed in nature’s beauty & grace.

What You Will Experience During This Retreat: 

The Body-Mind-Movement for Life Programme.

An enjoyable mix of our-door adventures, cultural encounters within local communities & a series of profoundly relaxing and inspiring mindfulness practices.

Time for Reflection.  (Re)connect to what is important in life. 

Specially Designed Meditation Handouts on the Body-Mind-Movement-Nutrition for Life Programme.  

Some Of The Benefits of Integrating This Retreat Experience into Everyday Life:

 Increased Physical and Mental Well-being.

Revitalised Energy & Productivity.

Clarity of Thought &  A More Optimistic Outlook.

Confidence, Inspiration & A Renewed Sense of Purpose.

Reduced Anxiety. 

Stronger Emotional Resilience.

Commitment to Daily, Enjoyable Health Practices.

Improved Relationships.

Your retreat host:

Dr. Anna King (Ph.D., M.A, B.A) is an experienced and accredited mindful yoga practitioner, well-being trainer and writer.   In addition to a PhD in Cultural Sociology, Anna has studied a range of contemplative arts over a thirty year period, including Soto Zen at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, Northumberland, UK, & Vinyasa Yoga with Green Lotus Yoga, Ireland.  Furthermore, Anna has worked in journalism, both locally and nationally, on issues ranging from preventative healthcare and integrating wellness into everyday life. 

I am committed to highlighting the value of mindfulness as part of a quest to bring meaningful change to a world often in chaos: to build compassionate relationships in society, & improve our health & well-being through a genuine connection with our natural environment.
— Anna

In January 2016, VIP Magazine's Bianca Luykx highly recommended Dr. Anna King's yoga & mindfulness retreats, & Tatler Magazine picked Anna's Detox Weekend at Glenlo Abbey Hotel as one of five best breaks in Ireland. Click to read full review.

Click HERE for Glenlo Abbey Content Brochure.

Anna has a profound and genuine interest in people and wellness. Her vast experience and knowledge allows her to connect in a gentle, empowering and transformative way with her clients. I would highly recommend either classes or one to one sessions.
— Olivia O'Reilly, Associate at In-Tuition Learning and Development Ltd. Ireland, & Management Consultant.
I have had nine private one-to-one sessions with Dr. Anna King..., and it has made such a difference to my business and personal life. I am more relaxed and make better decisions in stressful situations. Anna has also helped me commit to a healthier life style. I highly recommend her.
— Michael Gormally, Auctioneer & Businessman, Galway.

Taking some quality time in nature can have a transformative effect upon our health & well-being.

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