Private Yoga or Mindfulness Mentoring

"For those of you who need that little bit of extra support to

(re) connect with your 2019 well-being goals". 

Yoga    *  Mindfulness  *  Mental Detox  *  Self Awareness  *  Personal Development 

Who are these programmes for?

Do you need to:

  • Take time 'out' from juggling responsibilities.

  • Regain energy.

  • De-stress.

  • Improve physical & mental well-being?  

Or, do you simply need some space to make an important life decision and (re)discover a sense of purpose? 

Having a one-on-one private session (either yoga or mindfulness separately, or combined) gives you an opportunity to really delve into the benefits of yoga & mindfulness in a very personal way. 

Our body's are unique, and so are we!   

At certain stages of our life-journey we may need to take some quality time to delve into some of the issues that may be constraining health & happiness. 

Stephanie, enjoying a private yoga class with AKYOGA.

Stephanie, enjoying a private yoga class with AKYOGA.

These private sessions take place in an extremely private location in a stunning rural location, at the recently redesigned SCCUL SanctuarySurrounded by acres of forest, this is an opportunity for you to experience a deeply relaxing & transformative yoga & mindfulness experience, away from all the chaos. 

I have had nine private one-to-one sessions with Dr. Anna King..., and it has made such a difference to my business and personal life. I am more relaxed and make better decisions in stressful situations. Anna has also helped me commit to a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her.
— Michael Gormally, Auctioneer & Businessman, Galway.

Private Yoga Classes, Galway

Private Yoga Classes, Galway

What one of my students shared about her experience:

Anna has a natural warmth that allows you to feel at ease just being in her presence. Her yoga classes are the ideal mental health workout - gentle and natural yet actively relaxing. I have never left without that feeling of being “free”; of being able for what tomorrow will bring, and of course knowing I’ll sleep like a log after!

I feel blessed to have found Anna at an extremely busy time in my life - high pressure at work, renovating a house, planning a wedding - as she has enabled me to strengthen from within by connecting to what’s genuinely important to me and why.

I’ve attended Anna’s weekly yoga classes in Woodquay for over a year now and have had also a couple of one-to-one energy sessions . I’ve always tried my best at every aspect of my life, but at times had a feeling that something just wasn’t quite connecting - but with Anna’s support I finally got that missing link and as though a chain reaction, everything seemed to fall into place and I felt more relaxed and content than ever.

I would highly recommend her to anyone!
— Stephanie O'Reilly, Galway

Enjoy a PRIVATE YOGA CLASS in an incredibly relaxing environment at this beautiful setting. Get away from the chaos & immerse yourself in the luxury of peace & tranquility.



Designed to motivate, stimulate energy & help you commit to an enjoyable, realistic & achievable health-care routine, these programmes seeks to empower you to achieve your wellness goals.   

"Learning to connect regularly to what is important in life is the master key to change.  We all struggle at times to find the inspiration to commit to a healthy lifestyle; it takes time, patience and support”. 

Deirdre, one of Anna's private clients enjoying a mindful nature meditation, at Glenlo Abbey, Galway.

Regularly taking time to centre yourself and creating space for new energy & vitality to emerge is essential to achieving your health-care aspirations, as it creates a strong foundation from which you can respond more positively to difficult work environments, reduce daily stressors & make life-enhancing decisions.
— Anna

How does this work?

I suggest your ring me to discuss your needs first (086 3952831). We can then find a suitable time that works for you. Or, if you wish to book directly I will email you to arrange a time and date.

LOCATION: Galway. CLARINBRIDGE: 5* Location. 1 Hr 10 mins Mindfulness or Yoga / Combined Blend - 1 Session: €75

Private Yoga Class, Galway.

Private Yoga Class, Galway.

With both private yoga & mindfulness classes, the first session is a consultation, where we will work together to design a programme to optimise your ability to gain as much benefit as possible from the sessions.

Any cancellations require one weeks notice and will involve a €30 per hour cancellation fee (due to room booking etc).

I am afraid that less than one weeks notice cannot be refunded. However, in some circumstances it may be possible to arrange an alternative date or time. Please contact Anna to discuss this. Thank you.

Anna also offers refreshing herbal tea tasting experiences.

Anna also offers refreshing herbal tea tasting experiences.

 Six Daily Life Enhancing Practices:

  1. Create space for self-awareness and reflection; learning why it is important to connect regularly to what is important in life.

  2. Mindful movement & meditation for stress release.

  3. Use creative thinking to strengthen resilience, re-frame stressful experiences & strengthen resolve.

  4. Reduce our exposure to the negative aspects of constant digital connectivity: mental detox; time in nature.

  5. Relaxation Exercises. 'Learn to let go', and move through change. Create space in your life to re-rejuvenate mind & body.

  6. Compassion for oneself and others (develop more positive personal & work relationships). Become aware of what drives your emotions and responses to personal & external impulses / contexts.

Gallery of our retreat location: SCCUL Sanctuary, Clarinbridge:

Private yoga class

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