A Botanical, Wild Food

One-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Experience.

This deeply relaxing ‘escape’ will give you the tools to cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling 2019

This ‘new year’ retreat provides you with an opportunity to explore your personal journey toward well-being through a deeply relaxing, creatively designed day of peace & tranquility in a gorgeous centre styled by talented interior designer, Noirin Ni Chonaola and surrounded by acres of unspoilt woodland. This is the perfect location for you to take time 'out' from life's chaos! 

We all need time to nurture ourselves and to create some space to get back in touch with what really matters. If you need to immerse yourself in a day of relaxation & nurturing energy, as well as discover some gentle & accessible techniques to improve your mental, physical & emotional health, then this experience is for you.

The Healing Power of Yoga
Comprehensive Mindfulness Programme.
Practical Tools for Integrating a Home Practice - With Specific Sequences Offered For People Experiencing Stress.

This NEW programme is inspired by the life & work of world-renowned teacher, somatic therapist, best-selling author and advanced yoga teacher, Anodea Judith.

INCLUDES: Vitality Enhancing 2-Course Meal | Refreshments | Herbal Tea-Tasting Session | A Programme of Breath-Work & Visualisations | Mindful Yoga Series (details below).

If you need to relax, rejuvenate & regain energy this is the retreat for you!

“I invite you to take some space to explore how to integrate a life-enhancing healthcare routine into your everyday life.”

Tree-Lined Entrance: New Year Retreat with AKYOGA.

Tree-Lined Entrance: New Year Retreat with AKYOGA.

Location: A Stunning Woodland Glade in Clarinbridge, Co. Galway: SCCUL Sanctuary.

Date 3rd February, 2019. 10.30 - 4pm

Restore Energy & Vitality. 

Keep reading for our menu, followed by details of our comprehensive programme.

“Regularly taking time to centre yourself and creating space for new energy & vitality to emerge is essential to achieving your health-care aspirations, as it creates a strong foundation from which you can respond more positively to difficult situations, relieve stress & make life-enhancing decisions about your diet & lifestyle. ”

— Anna

Mindful moments of nature inspired magic, with AKYOGA.

Mindful moments of nature inspired magic, with AKYOGA.

Yoga & Mindfulness New Year Retreat 2019 in Ireland. SCCUL Sanctuary, Clarinbridge, Galway

A Botanical, Wild Food, Yoga & Mindfulness Experience

As well as being an opportunity to get to know like-minded people in a 5* location, we are offering you an opportunity to taste some of Galway’s best plant-based dishes, with a view to introducing you to more life-enhancing foods.

I am a great believer that the best food experiences engage all of our senses and stimulate the imagination. This menu has been designed around my mindful eating blog (see link) and will complement a session during the day on how mindfulness can support you on your journey toward achieving optimum health.

I am passionate also about how food is presented and love to experiment with colours, fragrances & textures that stimulate the senses when styling our table. You can look forward to nature inspired themes, and decorations to generate meaningful conversation.

This New Year I am introducing the highly talented Chef Ali Haslam, from Bia Botanica, who will treat you to the most amazing plant-based botanical lunch to kick-start a love of vegetarian food.

 A Creative Culinary Experience.

We will start with a surprise seasonally inspired wild herb soup. Followed by an elegant almond 'feta' style (vegan) tart, with layered braised vegetables (including kale, marinated spring onions, green herbs & pine-nuts). This will be complemented by a pickled / fermented mixed rainbow vegetable platter, with roasted butter-beans & thyme, a chlorophyll filled microgreen leaf salad & sourdough bread. In keeping with previous retreats, we will have a few culinary surprises to stimulate your taste-buds & imagination, including caraway & sorrel, .

We will include fuchsia red healing pomegranates juice to symbolise passion & adventure, and cranberries to stimulate your inspiration.

And, if this is not enough, you will fall in love with my favourite botanical treats from Bliss Bites Bakery.  Organic, vegan, rich and fulfilling, these soft sweet & citrus floral dream bites will blow away any of your preconceived notions that vegan is bland.

Retreats in Ireland

LEARN MORE BELOW about our yoga & mindfulness programme.

Photo by: Monika-Grabkowska  (Unsplash)

Photo by: Monika-Grabkowska (Unsplash)

While exercise & diet are the essential building blocks to good health, dealing with the mental and emotional stresses in your life is also central to any sustainable health care routine.

New Year Yoga Retreat, Galway | Ireland

New Year Yoga Retreat, Galway | Ireland


I started yoga with Anna about two years ago. It became my weekly bit of me time going to her classes. It allowed me clear my mind and focus on myself and my body. I signed up for her day retreat in Clarinbridge as soon as it launched.

The idea of a full day of mindfulness with Anna was too good to miss.

The venue is gorgeous and really works well. The day involved some demonstrations and information on healthy food options and a delicious lunch which was cooked in front of us. The yoga and mindfulness meant I floated home.

I can’t wait to do another one!
— Olivia Owens, from Galway.

A canvas of artistic cuisine!

Yoga Retreats | Ireland

Yoga Retreats | Ireland

Bliss Bites Vegan Rose & Grapefruit Treats


The basic substance of the person is energy. The movement of energy is life. The freer the energy movement... the more intense the life.
— John Pierrakos: Source: Charge & The Energy Body, By Anodea Judith

Healing our lives and managing stress requires an understanding of how we gain and lose energy! 

What does it feel like when our energy is in balance?  How do we experience the opposite – lethargy, a feeling of being uninspired or despondent with life & ourselves; or anxious and stressed? What can we do to free our life-force and become happier, healthier and more fulfilled?

When we are stressed, our energy is not flowing & dis-ease sets in.

All of life is made up of energy.  It animates all our cells and literally creates everything we experience.  Anodea Judith (2018) describes this life force energy as Charge and she believes that optimum health and wellbeing can be achieved only when there is a balance between the charge and discharge (release) of our energy.

What will you gain from joining me for the day?

In addition to a fabulous 2 course meal and herbal tea-tasting with bliss bites treats, during this retreat you will discover a number of very gentle yoga and mindfulness practices that will enable you experience how to balance your energy through simple, deeply relaxing sequences, designed around your needs (I will be contacting everyone individually before the retreat).

I will share realistic techniques with you on how to:

  • Create space in your life to release stress.

  • Reframe stress and use it to your benefit.

  • Understand your own personal energy patterns & how to work better with them.

  • Harvest and increase your energy.

  • Sense, cultivate and manage your vitality.

As well as experiencing an inspiring day of motivation and guidance, you will take home some practical advice on:

  • How to meditate.

  • How to integrate a restorative approach to mindful yoga (suitable for complete beginners) into your daily lives.

  • How to use breathing & visualisation techniques to optimise your health.

I really look forward to sharing this day with you! xxx

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Photo Credit: Nadine-Primeau. Unsplash.

Photo Credit: Nadine-Primeau. Unsplash.

Yoga for stress
Photo Credit: Un-splash.

Photo Credit: Un-splash.

A Breath-Taking Journey to Well-Being

A Breath-Taking Journey to Well-Being

Yoga for stress with AKYOGA

Yoga for stress with AKYOGA


It took me a long while to find a yoga instructor that ticked all the boxes for me.

Anna is a wonderfully engaging Lady who I connected with on day one. Anna has a truly warm nature and this comes across in every yoga direction during her classes. Every step is explained with a warm encouraging tone in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Anna’s ability to direct an end of session mindfulness set is what I look forward to in each class, her hypnotic tone and gentle words always have me so deeply relaxed that I don’t want the class to end.

As I have looked forward to Anna’s weekly yoga classes for the last year, I had zero hesitation in attending a day retreat that she was planning in Clarinbridge. The setting was amazingly tranquil, the yoga and mindfulness throughout the day only added to the depth of unwinding that took place for me. The food that we learnt about and that we were served complemented total the mindfulness theme of the day.

In summary I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a yoga instructor or Anna’s retreats to anyone.

Anna is one in a million, a real Galway treasure.
— Una K. From Galway
Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat at SCCUL Sanctuary, Clarinbridge, Galway.

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat at SCCUL Sanctuary, Clarinbridge, Galway.

The amount of spirit a person has is determined by how alive and vibrant he is, literally by how much energy he has.
— Alexander Lowen.
Learning to connect regularly to what is important in life is a master key to change.  We all struggle at times to find the inspiration to commit to a healthy lifestyle; it takes time, patience and support.  This is where an integrated approach (mindfulness, yoga & foods full of vitality) to our health & wellbeing comes to the fore.

This retreat offers you space for your body’s natural healing processes to unfold.
— Anna King

Booking Essential, as this is an intimate, bespoke retreat, with limited numbers. 

EARLY BOOKING Discounted Price: € 95

(Re)connect to what is important in life. 

Extract from my comprehensive mindful eating guide:

Herbal Tea Tasting at our next New Year Retreat Ireland.

Herbal Tea Tasting at our next New Year Retreat Ireland.

The key to achieving a healthy relationship with food:

# 1  Understand how emotional & psychological stress affects your relationship with food.  Change evolves from awareness.

#  2  Be mindfully present when you eat.

# 3  Introduce a daily (regular) practice that helps you to intercept and let go of emotional & mental stress; strengthen your ability to commit to healthier lifestyle choices, and re-balance your body’s ability to restore vitality & well-being.

# 4  Acceptance: practice the art of self-love.  Release judgement.

 Regularly practicing mindfulness can have a significant impact upon our health & well-being. 

  • It can calm and focus the mind, sooth a nervous system & improve digestion.

  • Mindfulness improves our ability to digest food and assimilate nutrients.

  • Over time it can help reduce the hormone & blood sugar imbalances associated with weight gain. 

  • A regular practice can also  ‘unlock’ confidence & inspire a renewed sense of purpose to commit to building a more positive relationship with our body & food.  

Raw Carrot & Orange Blossom Treats. Recipe by Tara Canning. Styling & Photography by AKYOGA.

Raw Carrot & Orange Blossom Treats. Recipe by Tara Canning. Styling & Photography by AKYOGA.

AKYOGA's Six Daily Life Enhancing Practices:

(Re)connect daily to what is important in life with mindfulness.  

Yoga: practice, practice, practice!

Spend time in nature.

Reduce exposure to the negative aspects of constant digital connectivity; 'a mental detox'.

Nutrition for vitality & energy: make smart nutritional choices & eat fresh, whole foods for health & longevity. 

Compassion for oneself and others (develop more positive personal & work relationships).