The Magic of Mindfulness: Yoga, Nutrition & Herbal Tea Tasting. 

Lunch Menu:

Vegan Mung Bean Burgers & Zingy Spring Slaw, followed by Raw Carrot Cake & Orange Blossom Bites, and Tara's no cook Millionaires Shortbread treats.


Beat those 'winter blues' & experience an afternoon of inspirational mindfulness, breath work & extremely gentle yoga, designed to motivate, stimulate energy & help you commit to an enjoyable, realistic & achievable health-care routine. 

Vitality Enhancing Lunch Included & Nutritional Demo.

Comprehensive Yoga, Nutrition & Mindfulness Workshop. 

With AKYOGA & Master Chef & Nutritionist, Tara Canning. 

St Nicholas Hall, Beside the Town Hall Theatre, Galway.   

24 February: 1pm - 5pm. 

(Re)connect to what is important in life. 

During this half day experience you are invited to:

  • Enjoy a light lunch / snack (vegetarian) & sweet healthy delight.
  • Engage in a food demo & talk on basic nutrition with Master Chef & Nutritionist, Tara Canning.
  • Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing mindfulness practice to stimulate healing vitality.
  • Experience an extremely gentle, restorative approach to yoga (suitable for complete beginners). 
  • Learn a unique series of breathing & visualisation techniques to bring about a sense of wellbeing.
  • Discover mindful movement & meditation for stress release.
  • (Re)establish a healthy relationship with food. 
  • Enjoy an afternoon with like-minded people.
  • Herbal tea-tasting session. 

We all struggle at times to find the inspiration to commit to a healthy lifestyle; it takes time, patience and support.  AKYOGA has designed a series of deeply relaxing & transformative 'workshop / retreat experiences' to get the heart of your healthcare needs. 

Time for Reflection!

Nutrition & yoga workshop

Learn to love your yourself again – What does this mean, and how do we achieve it?

For many people, one of the most difficult aspects of life is finding some kind of peace with our body-image & self-esteem.

We hear the phrase ‘learn to accept & love yourself’ a lot. But, this is not an easy process… Easier said then done - right!?

One of the problems is that we often go about our day-to-day life without really being aware of how we feel, until our emotions build up – and suddenly everything appears overwhelming.

We have a limit to how much we can cope with! And when life presents us with a crisis, it’s time to take some ‘time out’ and reflect upon how to make meaningful change – not forced, but gentle and inviting; slow and integrated.

Having struggled myself over the years with lack of confidence and self-doubt, I have spent a considerable amount of time crafting a series of really inspiring mindfulness practices designed to get to the heart of issues related to how to improve our relationship with 'ourselves'.

I am really looking forward to sharing this with you in NEXT WEEK'S WORKSHOP. I will take time to demonstrate how to improve self-esteem with a practical, integrated series of visualisations and meditations centred around self-compassion & acceptance.

Discover Practical Healthy Eating Habits.

  • In our workshop, you will also about the building blocks of every day nutrition.
  • Understand the importance of digestive health & why an alkaline diet is key to improving longevity & fighting chronic disease. 
  • Explore how making small changes to your diet can have a huge impact on overall health and wellbeing, now and into the future.  Some of the benefits include: improved energy levels, weight loss, immune system, digestive health & performance.  
Herbal Tea-Tasting & Vegan Treat Included.

Herbal Tea-Tasting & Vegan Treat Included.

 Put a 'little bit of magic' back into your life.

The Well-Being Master Key:  Integrating the mind into the healing process.  Meeting the challenges of our daily demands can sometimes be overwhelming.  Juggling volatile business environments, families and relationships can put enormous strain on your body, mind & emotions, and if left unchecked can lead to a range of stress related disorders.  AKYOGA has teamed up with Tara Canning to (re) address your life-balance & share with you some really exciting pathways to health & wellbeing.

During this workshop you will learn a simple, yet effective, mindfulness practice that will build a strong foundation from which to reduce stress, make life-enhancing choices & support emotional & mental resilience.  

Crucially, for many people one of the most difficult aspects of life is finding some kind of balance, or peace with both our eating habits & diet.

yoga profile.jpg

This is where an integrated approach - using mindfulness, yoga & nutritional therapy - is going to optimise your chances of committing to a sustainable & realistic health care routine. 

This workshop is specially designed to provide you with some quality time to explore your relationship with food, find out how to achieve optimum health through simple & easily integrated lifestyle / dietary changes, as well as how to introduce a simple mindfulness practice into daily life.

If you need to take time 'out' to regain energy, de-stress & improve physical & mental well-being, or simply create some space to make an important life decision, this workshop is for you!  

PRICE: €85

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