My name is Anna & I grew up in Wiltshire, England; a land where mystery & magic meet legend filled crop circles, chalk white horses and ancient stories laden with promise and unseen forces.  As a child it was impossible to escape the presence of Avebury or Stonehenge. 

Being surrounded by some of the most stunning mythological landscapes at such an impressionable young age has, in some quiet yet profound way, given me a strength and resolve that has surprisingly guided me through adulthood, helped me raise my beautiful son alone, as well as inspired the creation of AKYOGA.

I have over the years explored a broad spectrum of  practises related to our health & wellbeing and I am delighted that this passion has culminated in sharing with you some of the simple, yet powerful, techniques that I have learnt along the way. 

AKYOGA: Anna King

AKYOGA: Anna King

In my experience, health is not an 'outcome', but a constant journey of discovery, as well as a way of 'living & being' in the world with all the challenges, mistakes, misfortunes and of course - the little bit of magic on the way that makes it all worthwhile!

People often emphasise the physical aspect of yoga - super fit & flexible, but there is so much more to this mystical, ordinary, complex, yet simple art: the only way to 'know' yoga is at home, in school, the garden and at work.  It is life - it is tea drinking with friends - it is how we make sense of both the beautiful & challenging moments that shape our day-to-day existence. 

ORANGE BLOSSOM BITES, made by Nutritionist, Tara Canning, at our MAGIC of MINDFULNESS workshop. Photo styled by Anna King

ORANGE BLOSSOM BITES, made by Nutritionist, Tara Canning, at our MAGIC of MINDFULNESS workshop. Photo styled by Anna King

My whole life has been a succession of nature inspired moments of creativity; thus my yoga & mindfulness practice is rooted in a deep connection with nature & the elements.

A Breath-Taking Journey to Well-Being.

My Own Well-Being Journey

“My boat is on the shore, And my bark is on the sea.” George Gordon Byron

“My boat is on the shore, And my bark is on the sea.” George Gordon Byron

Our bodies reveal a story and we all have one to tell!  Mine began when I was told at 10 years old that I had been adopted at birth.  This imprinted narrative became a catalyst for beginning a journey of discovery that culminated in a (re)union with my natural mother when I was 18yrs. Sadly, her death shortly after left me displaced; a lone wanderer with no compass to navigate the waves of emotion I was experiencing.  

I went traveling throughout Europe in search of meaning & purpose, eventually settling in Cornwall for two years in an isolated self-sufficient rural community based upon the ideals of Gandhi.  Here I studied organic agriculture & husbandry.  Following the hypnotic waves of the wild Atlantic sea, I subsequently spent a year on a retreat at a remote healing & yoga centre in Somerset.

This experience had a profound effect upon how the rest of my life unfolded: thus began a life-long passion for the contemplative arts, including a sojourn to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, Northumberland, which gave me the heart to commit to the magic inherent within these ancient healing traditions.  

THE BURREN'S GRACE: a corrugated lime-scape where the ordinary meets the sublime and the dark scars of history veil the birth of a Gentian; a glimpse of possibility; shades of hope, however fleeting and transitory.

Seduced by the mystery of the Connemara & Burren landscapes, I moved to Galway in 1994 where I completed my PhD, worked as a freelance journalist and raised my son, Sean. The West Coast of Ireland remains a deep source of inspiration.  

While sometimes harsh and unyielding, it's presence sweeps energy and vitality through my life and the classes that I teach.  In addition to working as a teacher and workshop facilitator, I am currently writing Mindful Landscapes, a collection of creative nonfiction essays dedicated to all the beautiful places that I have lived.  These essays explore how culture, myth and the imagination shape our experience, and the importance of nature on our journey to well-being.

How the past shapes the present.

I have become more and more aware over the years of how my personal 'back-story' has shaped my present & influenced my health & well-being.  Importantly, one of the reasons I am sharing with you my own journey is to open up a conversation about how yoga and meditation can empower us to reclaim these 'stories', and enable us to (re) discover the vital seeds of healing inherent within every experience, even the most challenging ones. 

Yoga & Mindfulness Classes. 

We all struggle at times to find the inspiration to commit to a healthy lifestyle; it takes time, patience and support.  Human nature is complex & in a modern world of constant demands, online bombardment & stress related mental and physical health challenges, it is incredibly important that we all take time and space to enable our mind and bodies to heal. 

My 'Breath-Taking Journey to Well-being Series' is a  unique blend of yoga & mindfulness.  

Suitable for complete beginners or people with experience, it is an inspiring personal development approach to yoga that uses movement & the practice of mindfulness to revitalise health & enable people to reach their full potential.   This ‘journey toward self awareness’ is a bespoke approach, both simple and achievable, while at the same time getting to the heart of your health care needs.   

I draw upon ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary cutting edge research to provide you with a strong foundation from which to re-frame stressful experiences and make life-enhancing choices.  Due to my own lived-experience, I have a particular desire to help people overcome the daily stresses that constrain life, energy, passion & happiness. 

Join me for an opportunity to find space to discover your personal journey to wellbeing'.   I look forward to meeting you! 

My Grandmother

I inherited the love of sustainable living, nature & the healing power of natural foods from my Grandmother.  At the age of three she took my hand and said: ‘let’s go for a walk in the garden’.  From that moment I was her gardening companion: picking blackberries for jam; spending hours shelling runner beans for storage, making marrow chutney, cooing over ripe tomatoes and picking caterpillars off of cabbages. 

Each season shared it’s unique mystery; it was a child-hood of organic adventures.  Every little bug or butterfly would cause a stir and a conversation: moments of magic that are etched into my imagination.  

Country life was slow and simple, but it was the most exciting part of my childhood.

Mindful Living

We are all perfect in our imperfection:

My Grandmother's house was always quiet. Her pale hard worked white knuckles knew hardship, & yet there was always a sense of calm & serenity to her treasured vintage porcelain cups, pressed white linen & carefully laid out supper.

From her I learnt how to appreciate interiors that bring about a sense of harmony & peace; how to create beauty from simplicity.

However, as the years have gone by, I now realise that the only way we can recognise such qualities is by having known chaos, calamity and disharmony.

I miss her unspoken words.

In addition to inspiring my yoga & mindfulness classes, the memory of my Grandmother has also shaped an online journal to keep meaningful conversations alive & to share a touch of my Grandmother's wisdom with you.  

In collaboration with other wonderful practitioners of mindful living, this journal will feature regular herbal tea editorials, lifestyle tips, stories, healing recipes & interior accessories that will make your tea drinking an experience to remember.  

My wish for this reflective space is that it will provide family, friends & followers with a few inspired moments of quiet, thoughtful inspiration. 

Qualifications: After attending Art College in Bristol, I obtained a B.A Degree in Environmental Politics at Oxford Brookes University, a Masters in Journalism & a PhD from NUIGalway.  While working as a freelance journalist I had the honour of training in 2009 with my teacher, Carol Murphy, Green Lotus Yoga.  To complement this life-enhancing experience I have completed ITEC courses in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Work, as well as attended numerous workshops in Naturopathy, Herbal Wisdom & Organic Agriculture in Ireland, the UK & U.S. 

'I look forward to sharing with you some creative ways to help you begin a new health care journey'.

Dr. Anna King: Ph.D, M.A, B.A & Yoga Alliance Certified /  / 086 3952831

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“Anna has a profound and genuine interest in people and wellness. Her vast experience and knowledge allows her to connect in a gentle, empowering and transformative way with her clients. I would highly recommend either classes or one to one sessions. ”

— Olivia O'Reilly, Galway

“Anna’s class has had a fantastic effect on my physical, mental and emotional well-being, to come from where I was when I started to where I am now is thanks to Anna. Not only does she teach you yoga moves, she also explains why we do each move; how to fully relax & de-stress. I would totally recommend Anna as a yoga teacher, as well as being a truly lovely lady. ”

— Lorraine Feeney, Galway

“The most wonderful hour you will ever spend in the company of this wonderful lady. Her gentle holistic approach to yoga is refreshing. The most important person in Anna’s class is you and your body. No stress in getting the perfect pose, it’s all about what is perfect for you right now. Blended with mindfulness makes it most enjoyable. I love it and am so looking forward to the remainder of the programme. ”

— Veronica O'Shaughnessy, Galway

Anna is an excellent ‘teacher’ ... with a depth of experience, and the classes are delivered in the beautiful and inspiring Glenlo Abbey, overlooking the Lough Corrib... what more could one ask for.. Highly recommended.
— Brian Nolan, Galway

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