AKYOGA & Co provide a range of Employee Well-Being Packages designed to get to the heart of modern day health-care needs.  

Our mission is to inspire employees to make more life-enhancing choices & to improve overall health & wellbeing through a range of simple, yet effective lifestyle practices.  

Choose from a palette of programmes designed around contemporary international research on lifestyle, nutritional therapy & the scientific benefits of integrating mindfulness into daily life:

Executive & Leader Yoga or Mindfulness Retreats

Weekly Yoga or Mindfulness Employee Well-Being Programmes / Classes

 In-house Well-Being Training

In-house Guided Nutrition for Everyday Health Packages

Programmes for Stress

Talks & Presentations

Wellness Workshops

Corporate Wellness

  • AKYOGA & Co can work with your company as a whole, or with individuals.

  • We can roll out tailored corporate wellness programmes over a 6 month- 1 year timeframe.

  • Provide day or weekend classes / workshops.

  • Bespoke one-one programmes for individuals who need personalised support.

All of our in-house programmes are tailored to suit your company, group or team's needs.  

Please contact us directly for prices and package options.  Contact Anna.

WORK - LIFE balance.

I teach people how to put in place a series of easily integrated daily routines that provide the perfect foundation from which optimum health, well-being & vitality unfold.

Corporate Wellness

Meeting the challenges of a complex world can be tough.  Juggling volatile business environments, families and relationships can put enormous strain on your body, mind & emotions.  Taking 'time out' to calm the chaos is essential.

We offer a pathway to health & well-being that will help you to achieve a realistic work-personal-life balance. It is a foundation from which you can respond positively to stressors at home & work, make life-enhancing decisions & put a 'little bit of magic' back into your life.


I have had nine private one-to-one sessions with Dr. Anna King..., and it has made such a difference to my business and personal life. I am more relaxed and make better decisions in stressful situations. Anna has also helped me commit to a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her.”

Michael Gormally, Auctioneer & Businessman, Galway.

“Anna has a profound and genuine interest in people and wellness. Her vast experience and knowledge allows her to connect in a gentle, empowering and transformative way with her clients. I would highly recommend either classes or one to one sessions. ”

— Olivia O'Reilly, Head of Business Development, OMT.  Ireland

As a runner and a crossfitter I have been attending yoga classes for the last two years. I found Anna King’s yoga classes excellent. I was extremely tight with painful lower back and hamstrings. By attending yoga on a regular basis all that has all changed. Anna explains all the movements really well . You also get a good workout. With Anna’s help my core is stronger I am much more flexible and injury free. Thanks Anna". John Donnellan, Businessman, Galway.

Who are these programme for?

Do you need to take time 'out' from juggling all your responsibilities to regain energy, de-stress & improve physical & mental well-being; or do you simply need some space to make an important life decision and (re)discover a sense of well-being.

Why attend our Programmes?

Professor Ian Robertson's groundbreaking research, The Stress Test, reveals that '... the right level of challenge and stress can help people to flourish and achieve more than they ever thought possible'.   However, learning how to re-shape challenges into opportunities and protect our health from the strain of life, requires practice and training.  

The American Psychological Association's annual survey in 2012 revealed that the U.S.A was on the 'verge of a stress-related public health crisis', and Ireland is not far behind, as people suffer chronic health issues related to stressful lifestyles.  Indeed, The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises workplace stress as a global epidemic. 

Creating space to explore how to re-shape life's challenges into creative opportunities is therefore essential.  Equally, integrating this work into a life-long, manageable and enjoyable lived-experience is essential.  

Take 'time out' to calm the chaos.  

Harnessing the power to re-claim our well-being requires teasing out individual needs and adopting everyday health-promoting practices that are both simple and achievable.  Our programmes offer 6 practices that will build a strong foundation from which individuals will be able to re-frame stressful experiences, make life-enhancing choices and support emotional & mental resilience. 

Experience Work-Life-Balance.   Our programmes help you identify the mental, physical and psychological risks associated with stressful environments.  We provide simple ways to help you manage and reduce triggers that deplete energy, both in the workplace and at home.  Space will be given to explore how to (re)establish a healthy lifestyle, improve your relationships and develop good communication.

Using Anna's unique Body-Mind-Movement  for Life Programme, participants are guided through experiences that are designed to get to the heart of the today's lifestyle challenges.    

Our Approach:

The Body-Mind For Life Programme

Anna will guide participants through 6 daily practices that get to the heart of an integrated health-care practice.  If you wish to learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress & achieve a work-life balance, then these programmes are for you!  

Interactive Presentation. We will provide a new mindful paradigm for everyday life; one that draws upon the contemplative traditions and cutting edge international research to highlight the value of mindfulness as part of a quest to bring meaningful change to a world in chaos, build compassionate relationships within society & improve our health & well-being.

Learn Six Daily Life Enhancing Practices:

  1. Create space for self-awareness and reflection; learning why it is important to connect regularly to what is important in life.

  2. Mindful movement & meditation for stress release.

  3. Use creative thinking to strengthen resilience.

  4. Reduce our exposure to the negative aspects of constant digital connectivity: mental detox; time in nature.

  5. Nutrition for vitality & energy.

  6. Compassion for oneself and others (develop more positive personal & work relationships). Become aware of what drives your emotions and responses to personal & external impulses / contexts.

The Practice of Mindfulness for Personal & Group Transformation. 

  1. Create space for self-awareness and reflection, allowing the 'true' self to emerge.

  2. Practical breathing exercises for stress reduction & restored vitality.

  3. Learn how to re-frame stressful experiences & strengthen resolve.

  4. Identify the creative potential within stressful situations.

Relaxation Exercises.  'Learn to let go', and move through change.   Create space in your life to re-rejuvenate mind & body. 

Time for Reflection.  (Re)connect to what is important in life. 

Specially Designed Meditation Upload & Handout on the Body-Mind-Movement For Life Programme. 

Anna works with a range of practitioners, including nutritionists.  It is possible to design a workshop to include a nutritional programme of health & vitality. 

Benefits of Integrating these Programmes into Everyday Life. 

Increased Physical and Mental Well-being

More Rewarding Work-Life Balance

Revitalised Energy & Productivitity

Clarity of Thought &  A More Optimistic Outlook

Confidence, Inspiration & A Renewed Sense of Purpose

Reduced Anxiety 

Stronger Emotional Resilience

Commitment to Daily, Enjoyable Health Practices

Improved Relationships .

Dr. Anna King (Ph.D., M.A, B.A) is an experienced and accredited Vinyasa yoga practitioner, employee well-being trainer and writer.   In addition to a PhD in Cultural Sociology, Anna has studied a range of contemplative arts over a thirty year period, including Soto Zen at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, Northumberland.   Furthermore, Anna attended art College in Bristol, obtained a B.A Degree in Environmental Politics at Oxford Brookes University and has worked in journalism, both locally and nationally, on issues ranging from preventative healthcare and integrating wellness into everyday life.  

I am committed to highlighting the value of mindfulness as part of a quest to bring meaningful change to a world often in chaos: to build compassionate relationships in society & improve our connection with nature. — Anna

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